• Oversee tasks of executive board and maintain performance. 
  • Maintain organization and communication among executive board and members.
  • Work with external resources and connections to aid in the success of MLA.
  • Create goals and initiatives to increase success and growth of MLA. 
  • Lead and plan executive board meetings. 
  • Keep in close communication with other CBA student organizations and staff. 
  • Provide members with personal assistance and attention. 

Vice President

  • Create and maintain relationships with firms, executive professionals, guest speakers, and UIC alumni/staff/professors for club networking opportunities and educational events.

Chief Operating Officer

  • Keep website, constitution, and UIC Connect (OrgSync) updated at all times. 
  • Work with President to oversee administrative tasks regarding the registration and renewal of MLA with the Center for Student Involvement. 
  • Keep records of all memberships and their statuses. 
  • Take minutes at every executive board meeting. Taking minutes entails recording decisions, ideas, updates, progress, etc. regarding MLA. 
  • Monitor membership participation through member applications, attendance records, and further documentation. 
  • Configure with CFO to keep membership statuses up to date in accordance to the fees. 

Chief Financial Officer

  • Keep precise records of membership fees, including which members have paid and how much has been collected. 
  • Set up fundraising activities for the club. One should be completed per semester. 
  • Create spending budgets and monitor available capital. 
  • Work with administrative ______ (Professor Miller) to organize field trip expenses.
  • Work with Student Activities Funding Committee and Undergraduate Student Government to apply for funding. 

Chief Marketing Officer

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Chief Public Relations Officer

  • Keep primary contact with members: send emails and Blackboard announcements; keep members updated and informed on events, meetings, opportunities, etc.; respond to inquiries, questions, and concerns of members.